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YouTube Live Streaming with Derral Eves Video Transcript

Paul Richards:          Okay. And we are back, usually what we do is a 20-minute show and Derral this is how our workflow as we do. 20-minute show. I think what I love about YouTube and you cannot do this on Facebook is the editor. So we can edit out the pre-show, take the post-show, make it its own video and then we end up with just 20 minutes of the show as its own video.

Derral Eves:              Exactly.

Paul Richards:          It’s just so perfect. You can’t do that on Facebook. You get the whole thing or not.

Derral Eves:              Not yet. Yeah. That’s cool.

Paul Richards:          So we’ve got a bunch of questions here. I have the chat room right in front of me.

Tess Protesto:            Where was that one question I definitely wanted to make sure that we ask Derral? Okay, I can’t find who said it but I know that. Oh! I think it was Leopard asked, “He has or she has attained a thousand subscribers. Do you have any tips for maintaining the subscribers that you have made as a new YouTuber?”

Derral Eves:              Yeah! I think the biggest thing is being consistent with your subscribers. So, releasing it the same time, same day and engaging with them the same way. And I think as you do that, there is a sense of familiarity. And they’re like, “Oh it’s going to pop. I know what I need to do.

Paul Richards:          No. But right now, it’s working. For a second, it seizes all the audio levels? It’s live!

Tess Protesto:            I’m having one heck of a time over here. I have to tell you, I just spilled an entire glass of water back here and I don’t know what is going on with me today and this would be the day to…This is live streaming for you. I spilled water. I’m wondering if I’m going to get fired for breaking the keyboard. I’m like I don’t even know what is going on. Just have to get that off my chest. I could not just fake a smile anymore. I feel better now. Moving forward.

Tess Protesto:            Sorry about that.

Paul Richards:          So I have the YouTube API play in the chatroom and I wanted to just do a quick tutorial and show you guys how to do that.

So, basically, the YouTube API is super new. So unless you’re a developer and you know what you are doing, you can’t really do much with it. You know what I mean? Derral. It’s like here’s the API and it’s like, I don’t know PHP, I don’t know JSON, I mean probably people think I am speaking Chinese.

Derral Eves:              Yeah.

Paul Richards:          So I have a developer that I work out with custom projects. So I brought him in. I was like, “Hey look, VMIX doesn’t support it. Wirecast doesn’t support it. Livestream doesn’t support it. I don’t believe that TriCaster supports it. I’m sure they will, in 2 months, could be 6 months, could be a year.”

I mean I don’t want to pull on Wirecast’s tail but they do need to step up their game. They only support Twitter. They don’t support even Facebook or Instagram and how long has that API been out for? Years. “So you’ll never know how long it’s going to take for these companies to build it and sounds like screw it, “I’m going to build it out this thing myself.”

We’re going to give it away for free to all of our customers and every single week on our live show. So, let’s show off what this is. So, basically, what it is, it’s a WordPress plug-in because I figured everyone has WordPress. If you don’t have WordPress, you don’t know how to use this. Because everyone has WordPress and it just makes sense because it has to be on a server in the cloud. And so, I thought WordPress would be the best place to do it.

Basically, what it does is and I’ll go ahead and just step to the whole process and we’re making this much cooler and better. I have a huge idea for this.

So, basically you log right into Google and you basically authenticate directly into Google and it populates with all of your live streams. Where is it? It was dead last time I was working it a second ago. And it’s still on Beta. So I don’t know why. That should be showing up there but basically it picks the stream and then it gives you a link to your JSON, which is all the data.

I know that looks like gibberish but it’s clearly working because it is pulling in all the pictures from everyone on YouTube. It gives you a whole bunch of information and I pulled it in. Let me just show you this last bit. But I think this is the part that people are going to be interested in. This is the vMix data sources. So all that data back there, actually comes into vMix and you can see all the stuff it’s pulling in, which is messages. This is the message there. It brings in the channel, URL. It brings in an image.

Tess Protesto:            I got a question earlier. Can you do this with Wirecast? Can you do this with expert?

Paul Richards:          I’m not a Wirecast expert but I believe they can ingest data.

Derral Eves:              They can. We can.

Paul Richards:          Okay, so if you are going to ingest data, that’s why I decided to do it, which is JSON, which is a very—it’s basically like XML or like an Excel file, you should be able to pull this data into anything. The problem that most people have is writing a script that can query the Google API and manage all of the API keys and all the tokens and all of that crap. I wanted to make it easy so you don’t have to do any of that. You click one button. Log in your YouTube account. It shows your live streams. It gives you the data. The data is live. You link it to vMix or Wirecast or the TriCaster. Of course, I haven’t tried all of them yet but that is my plan eventually and voila! The YouTube API works. So that is what we did.

Tess Protesto:            Jim says that Wirecast has been preventing him from being able to stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time. Is there any way that we know to get around this?

Derral Eves:              It’s not Wirecast that’s preventing him. It’s Facebook that’s preventing him to do that.

Tess Protesto:            I see.

Paul Richards:          Yeah.

Derral Eves:              But there is a way around it. It’s really simple and it looks like there’s some good thing about, which is free, which is cool. But basically what you do in YouTube is you’d actually set up an RTMP stream and you have that link and then you just basically not… In Wirecast, you wouldn’t say “Hey, this is going to YouTube.” But you’d just say that this is just a stream.

Tess Protesto:            A custom part.

Derral Eves:              Yeah.

Tess Protesto:            I see.

Derral Eves:              And then, you can stream that to both at the same time. I do that.

Tess Protesto:            Yeah. And I know we’ve done that before and I assume that you use Wirecast because you have a Mac?

Derral Eves:              Yeah, I do but I was at NAB and a software with guys, vMix, and I was really impressed with that set up. And we are able to talk through a few things and I think what I’ll do is get like a standalone box or something to run it because it’s pretty amazing. Especially, the feature for the vMix call, where what we’re using right now to bring people in. And the settings are really, really, really impressive.

YouTube Live API Show

YouTube Live API Show

Paul Richards:          Yeah. That was one of the questions I wanted to get at with you, Derral. What was your impression of NAB and because you’re coming from a YouTube perspective and I didn’t really get to walk around much but what did you think, what were people talking about?

Derral Eves:              So, I think NAB is a great place and there’s a lot of things going on in the industry that’s really, really interesting but I think a lot of people are missing the mark. I think a lot of businesses won’t be in business much longer unless they pivot and really figure out what they’re going. So, NAB’s a great place to showcase new product and get a buzz around that product, so on and so forth. What I find fascinating though was a lot of it was like 4 or 5 years behind where I thought it would be. There are some that we’re way ahead.

I was really impressed with the livestreaming area there and there are some new components where you can do a lot of mobile live streaming. And I was really kind of suck into that vortex that’s there. Where I actually think the industry is going is more live, more social like I talked about but it’s going to go into AR, it’s going to go into VR pretty aggressively. We’re getting the technology is almost there but that’s the direction where I truly believe it’s going. And I know that seems really weird from a lot of perspectives for people outside the industry. Well, I don’t get it. But they’re experiencing a real VR set up the way it was meant to be is amazing.

There’s a place in Lindon, Utah, it’s a place where they do full immersive VR. It’s called The VOID and you are going to like the and see. But you can be a part of the Ghostbusters. When the movie came out, you can literary go and replay the latest Ghostbusters and you have it, you pack on, you’re out there fighting ghosts. And it’s real.

Tess Protesto:            That sounds awesome.

Derral Eves:              I mean it’s totally immersive. And they were able to open up places in New York, Beijing and a few other places around the world. So it shows you experience at once. It’s like I took my 4 boys and my daughter to it and they were like totally into this like, “Oh my gosh. It’s like we’re in a video game dad. We want to live here.” I’m like, “Well, no. Discovery is out there.” Virtual reality. We need to be in reality.

Tess Protesto:            Right. Let’s make that clear

Derral Eves:              But it was one of those things where it’s very interesting. I look at it and say, how do you actually use this for business? How do you actually use it for conferences? And so, you can be anywhere in the world and connect with anyone. Like you’re sitting in the same room, the conference table, or whatever, and you are having those conversations instead of flying thousands of miles to go do things that you could actually do just in person in the virtual realm.

Tess Protesto:            But you’ll still get that face to face interaction. That’s so important with communication in business.

Derral Eves:              I think technology is definitely there but Paul I think your brother. Isn’t your brother Matt?

Paul Richards:          Yeah.

Derral Eves:              So he did that VR experience. He was staying in Lindon. It’s one of those fun, fun cool things.

Paul Richards:          Yeah. I got to check that out next time I visit Matt in Utah.

Tess Protesto:            A lot of I have heard from the feedback with NAB was a lot of people were saying it’s in between year.

Paul Richards:          Yes. I think it was.

Derral Eves:              Absolutely.

Paul Richards:          There was a lot of promises made in 2016 that did finally come true in 2017. So I feel like it was kind of like a catch up year, like people announced things too early in 2016. And now, it’s like finally almost ready but its seems like Derral, you’re really out there looking for the smaller niche companies that have that VR solution or that cool thing that you’re seeing blasting into the future.

I also sometimes look at some of the stuff and really look at it practically and say I know people that are still streaming in 720. You know what I mean?

YouTube Chatroom API

YouTube Chatroom API

Paul Richards:          It’s like a lot of it is like finally catching up and becoming much more affordable, which was the main trend that I was seeing. That is like wow, all of these stuff that they’ve been promising coz I’ve been at NAB for like 3 or 4 years now. They promise it, they promise it, so expensive, it wasn’t quite ready, it wasn’t quite ready. And now, I think the basic foundation or building blocks are not only available but they’re pretty much affordable and that’s where we come in a lot.

Derral Eves:              It’s the affordability that’s really important but I look at the two conferences CES versus NAB. CES is a consumer electronic show. They have a better polls. The once that are there had better polls on where things were going. NAB is like, “Okay, yes, this is for the professional but some of these professionals, you don’t need all the set up that they were saying, hey, we can do this, this, this, this and this.” It’s like no. What we needed to be is mobile, we need to be agile and we need to be affordable. And that’s where we need to be because honestly, we’re at a point where things can be produced very, very well done in a mobile setting that you don’t need all the bells and whistles and everything that’s going on and a lot more because of technology, because of the equipment, because of the hardware that we actually have now and the software. And realistically the speeds, it’s just the speed of rendering or real time rendering that we didn’t have just two years ago.

Tess Protesto:            Right. Where are the giveaway?

Paul Richards:          Oh gosh! We forgot to do our giveaway. We have a live giveaway every week and we forgot to do that.

Tess Protesto:            I had gleam up.

Paul Richards:          We have a live winner.

Tess Protesto:            Is it still up?

Paul Richards:          Let’s pull that up. Yeah. And the other thing was 4K. A lot of people we’re taking about 4K. I feel like a lot people finally added 4K.

Tess Protesto:            How about the clip?

Paul Richards:          Oh the clip, yes. Let’s do the clip.

Paul Richards:          Yey! Okay. Let’s draw out a winner. You must be present clearly if you heard it.

Tess Protesto:            John Mazurek.

Tess Protesto:            Mike reminded us.

Paul Richards:          Mike is like our savior. So yeah, I think you’re right. And Derral, you really have the ability to scale things, which is why I’m so excited we’re working with you. Can I be a little selfish and ask you about how you’re using our products and where you think they play whether it’s on YouTube or?

Derral Eves:              Yeah. I’ll you what.

Tess Protesto:            Yeah. You might as well.

Derral Eves:              I was like geeking out over your products because we’re looking for other solutions, things that are really affordable but yet have really good quality. And I have been testing for last 3 weeks your products and I am blown away. I really am. And I’m not just saying it coz I’m on your live stream or anything like that because I would be very direct and say hey this suck, but they don’t.

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